What to Expect & Wear

A Little Taste Of Hana With-Out The Long Drive See The First Waterfall!

Approximately a two hour tour where you get to enjoy the fascinating stories & captivating sights and sounds.

Best yet, it is only 30 minutes from Kahului and the airport. A taste of Hana with out the long drive as it boasts one of the very first waterfalls on the way to Hana!

As a bonus your guide will tell you about a second waterfall location, that is only two minutes from us, there you will enjoy seeing another waterfall is where you can swim.
As our waterfall is deemed for conservation farming and consuming it is not swimmable, thou you get to see it from two waterfall view points and from a safe distance. Sometimes you might see people swimming there but they are not supposed to be there and have snuck in. But Remember you will get to see not only our waterfall but will learn about a second waterfall location, only a two minute drive away and get to see two waterfalls with out having to do the very long drive to Hana!

Our Expert Guides Make Ever Step Of The Way, Fun & Entertaining

Whether you are enjoying our captivating waterfall hike or our engaging chocolate & waterfall tour combination, our expert naturalist are fun, engaging and captivating!

They are known for their wisdom, humor, and knowledge & are ranked as some of the best guides in Hawaii!

Their expertise guidance makes the gardens come alive. We look forward to sharing with you and your family in this treasured wild private tropical estate, home to The Kings Gardens.

An easy to medium rated hike & educational garden tour. Where you get to see the first waterfall on the way to Hana and a real, sacred natural pool.

The location boasts an ancient Hawaiian Rainforest, with trees over 100 feet in height!

The Fine Art Of Chocolate Tasting & Making

A Delicious Private Guided
Farm To Table Chocolate Tasting Tour & Chocolate Making with Easy Waterfall Hike!

What Makes Our Chocolate Tour The Best On Maui!

We showcase what is best for you and your wellbeing. Whenever possible, we provide chocolates that are all organic, non-GMO, Rainforest Alliance & Fair Trade with no refined sugar. And not only do you get to experience the seeing cacao trees growing in their native rainforest habitat, you also get to help save the rainforest here at the Gardens and support cottage industries around the world and native cacao farmers and their communities.

We represent the educational division of a much larger cacao farm, and we feature chocolate from Hawaii and other parts of the world to provide the full chocolate experience. But with-in two years with your generous contributions we hope to be a full cacao farm in our own right and producing our own line of hand made artisan chocolates as part of our fundraiser.

“The Chocolate Tasting”
Like a good wine, chocolate connoisseurs can detect the slightest aromas, flavors, and textures found in chocolate. Included in your tour is a chocolate tasting portion, where you get to sample unique and signature chocolate treats.

We Do Our Best To Only feature the best organic superfood grade chocolates! Including Hawaiian grown varieties.

You will be amazed to learn how your favorite dessert goes from the tree to a tasty treat known world wide!

Know as the Food Of The Gods!
Learn How it Goes From The Tree to The Delightful Treat Known the World Over!

What to Wear & Bring for Your Visit

What To Wear & Bring

Good Walking Shoes are a must in order to get the maximum enjoyment from your visit therefore having proper foot-ware is best. Shoes should be comfortable, closed toe shoes in many cases sneakers are good.

A light long sleeve shirt and long pants are recommend. A raincoat and jungle strength, earth friendly bug spray helps make this fun adventure more comfortable. If you have a bug suit, so much the better.

Bring a light hat if you have one. In Hawaii, winter will be the wetter months so if you have a rain poncho bring it. Please know your comfort and safety is our first concern.

Safety At The Kings

What to Expect

This area, being a lush rainforest, wild tropical gardens and forest farm, lends to conditions that at times can be buggy and humid, so be prepare in advance in order to get the full enjoyment while on this fun adventure experience. Review the what to wear & bring section.

And you can bet that our tour will be there for you, Rain or Shine!  

Cancelation will only be if mother nature is too intense. Notification will be given on or before the day of your tour or the morning of.

You will have the opportunity to reschedule, get a credit or make a your tour contribution fees a donation to the charity that oversees the gardens. 

Driving Directions for The Kings Gardens + FAQ

Driving Directions

In order to keep the security of this delicate & sacred, historical location, we provide the driving directions after you book.

Drive Time:
*Note* It takes at about 1 hr from Lahaina, Kaanapali, Wailea or Kihei.

Cell Reception:
Being In A Remote Area,
cell reception can be weak at times. Therefore to be prepared, copy the driving directions sent to you & put them in your notes or task list on your mobile device, or print then out, as you may not be able to access your cell data.