About Us

What Makes Our Chocolate Tour & Waterfall Hike The Best On Maui?

A Chocolate Lover Dream Come True!
(Know As Cacao in The Culinary World, Is
the Raw Form Of Chocolate)

What Makes Our Tour Voted Best Of Maui?
Because We Only Whenever Possible Feature The Finest all Natural Super Food Chocolates! Yes, Chocolate Is a Super Food! So you can eat your chocolate
and have your health too!

Set With-In the Beautiful Back Drop Of A Native Rainforest Environment, Chocolate (Cacao’s)
Natural Habitat!

Our Lovely Cacao Gardens, is located just off of the famous Hana Hwy on a beautiful private & lush, wild tropical, botanical gardens estate & forest farm.

At Our Young Cacao Grove You Will Learn how Cacao Trees produce an aromatic bean that goes from the pod to a delectable tasty chocolate treat famous all around the world! Hear how it’s grown, harvested, fermented, dried & processed.

You Get To Have Fun & Participate in a Hands on Chocolate Making Workshop & Enjoy The Chocolate Treats That You Helped Make!

Our Chocolate Tasting Tour
Features Chocolate Of Hawaii & Other Parts of the World.

Like Good Wine You Must Smell It, Savor It, Feel the Aroma, Enjoy The Texture & Experience The Differences In The Chocolate According To The Country It Originated From.

Hear the fascinating story about why the Ancients called chocolate “THE FOOD OF THE GODS”

We Represent The Educational Division Of A Much Larger Cacao Farm. We Are A Budding Cacao Farm in Our Own Right. Our Cacao Gardens Is Set Up to Gift You A Life Long Memorable Experience One That You Will Look Back & Be Delighted You Did.

Enjoy The Gift Of Giving To A Good Cause
While On Vacation”
“Awarded As One Of the Sacred Power Spots Of Hawaii”
We are honored & invite you to not only enjoy the sights and sounds of this a Hawaiian historical heritage location but to give you the opportunity to give back while here on vacation. Where you get to enjoy the added experience of knowing you are doing good while having fun and helping to create a legacy in Hawaii
for future generations!

The Kings Gardens Maui is Part Of An Official 501(c)3 Charity that seeks to not only Maintain but put into conservation restoration, &
preserve this sacred Royal site.

Why Give To Our Cause? Because You get to help Create a Legacy! So Give Generously & Feeling Great!
89% Of People Love Making Generous Monthly Donations To Us, Feel Free to Join In & Create A Better Life Experience.


It is proven scientifically that those who regularly give to a good cause experience a elevation in mood that can lasts for long periods of time. And with Giving to A Good Cause Each Month They Enjoy a Greater life Expectancy & Greater Happiness & Well Being.

A Wildly Popular Tour!
Discover the Alluring Atmosphere Where Jurassic Park Meets Fern Gully & A Taste Of Hana With-out the Long Drive all in One! Tune In & You As Might Just Feel the sacred Hawaiian “Mana” blessing of the gardens.

This “Royal” historical heritage location is our kuleana, in english that means our honored responsibility, Therefore only allow limited number of people to visit each year.

Book Now & Be One Of the Lucky Ones who gets to
Travel Back in time & Walk in The Foot Steps of The King, Upon His Rustic Ancient Royal Hawaiian Foot Paths.

“The King Gardens is perfect for those who are seeking a exclusive private off the beaten path experience, away from the super crowed locations & traffic jams on the way to Hana.
An immersion into a land before time. Great for intelligent souls who know that they are not just plants (as they might just be a rare and endangered species) and that it is not just a tree, but part of a living rainforest that is giving tons of life giving oxygen to our planet & that they get to help save. And it is not just a rock, but a sacred historical pohaku (stone) that has great cultural meaning.

For them seeing the gardens before Its restored & in its wild tropical state provides a treasure trove of captivating sights and sounds unlike any other. Those souls are the ones who love to gift the gardens with rave five star reviews! Allowing other nature conservation enthusiastslike themselves the chance to visit.

For those extraordinary souls the chance to give back and enjoy the gardens make this location the highlight of their vacation and one of their greatest memories that will last a lifetime & they Love It That They got The Opportunity To help Create a Legacy for Future Generations. They love it when it rains, as its a rainforest adventure!