Our Mission

We believe that here in Hawaii nature is our muse, our healer, our teacher, our mentor, our beautiful nature church. With that in mind, we seek to inspired, a deeper connect with the Aina ( Land ) & Akua that will bring about memorable positive life enriching experiences to last a lifetime.

We are a also a Hawaiian Historical Cultural Preservation, Land Conservation, Program. That Features Forest Farm Education as a part of our mission.

A part of our focus is to bring greater awareness to the urgent need for people to learn how to make fun yet simple lifestyle choices that help preserve, conserve & save our island home & our planet.


Our Programs

It’s been our honor & passion to protect & restore these beautiful historical heritage gardens. It is thru this template that we seek to bring about greater awareness needed at this time in regard to land conservation & preservation and how that relates to a healthy balanced life experience.

Our History

We’ve been creating a place of inspiration & learning in Maui since 1995. Programs Include everything from forest farming to healing through nature and sacred music and gardens programs.

All in all we seek to create experiences that brings about life enriching memories that will change lives for the better. Ones that feed the soul, reconnects the heart and enliven the mind. Join us and be inspired by nature, in our lovely island home, as Maui and Hawaii is one of God’s greatest masterpieces.

Our History Kings Garden