Open After 100 Years
Waterfall Hike & Chocolate Tour with Rainforest Adventure at
The King’s Gardens Maui


Voted Best Of Maui!

Voted Best Of Maui! A Exclusive Destination “Entrance by Appointment Only”

VOTED “A BEST OF MAUI & Come visit this amazing & unique Hawaii destination, where you get to enjoy & see…

* The First Waterfall On The Way To Hana

* Ancient water cave & tunnel of Mo’o Kana!

* The world’s largest prehistoric dinosaur ferns!

* Enter into a native rainforest

* See chocolate (cacao) growing in its native rainforest habitat

* Hear how chocolate goes from the tree to the world famous dessert.

* Join our artisan chocolate making workshop.

* Delight in the chocolate treats you helped make!

* Sample superfood chocolates from around the world!

*Only 30 minutes from the AirPort or the Kahului Crew Ship Harbor*

* Only 60 minutes from Lahaina Or Kihei

” A Fun 2 Hour Easy to Medium Hike with stops along the way so you an can enjoy take photos and take in all of the fun & fascinating sights & sounds.

All at this Magical Award Winning Historical Location.


****”Better than can be found anywhere on line”*****

So feel free to contact us to learn about our current special!

Email is the fastest: Bliss@TheKingsGardensMaui.com or Text: 808-633-2889

Thou 94% of people love to pay full price as they love helping a good cause. But if you need the discount we understand and are happy to gift you whenever we can.

Sometimes we have a few spaces that might be open the day of the gardens tour, feel free to contact us before 9:00 am in the chance that you might be able to join in.


Our most popular tour is the Waterfall Hike & Chocolate tour.

To book simple click on that tour, make your contribution, then email us a couple of days that work for you. Most times this works perfectly. This is the fastest way to book.

Or simply text us or email asking us what days we have open, giving us a few days you would like to visit, helps. We will quickly see what we have open and send you a link to book.

In either case, once you make your contribution you’ll then instantly get a thank you and then your reservations details soon after.

So book now as we do fill up quickly being a popular destination.

Text: 808-633-2889 or Email: Bliss@TheKingsGardensMaui.com

Your visit goes to help us preserve, restore and put into conservation this rare and wonderful treasured Hawaiian Heritage Gardens Estate.

One of the greatest sacred ancient historical sites according to the Hawaii State Archeologist.

All profits go to charity, so book direct & help with our fundraising goals. help us raise 4.8 million dollars needed to put the estate Into conservation for future generations so they too can enjoy & be inspired!  

Chocolate Tour & Waterfall Hike with Rainforest Adventure Pricing

Learn about the history of chocolate in our lovely cacao (chocolate) gardens. Hear about how it goes from the tree to the sweet treat known the world over! Get to taste the finest superfood grade chocolates from around the world! Just like fine wine there is an art to chocolate tasting. Includes gardens tour and hike to see the waterfall. Best yet you get to make your own delicious chocolates. We are a part of a larger cacao farm and are the educational division.

Chocolate Tour & Mini Waterfall Hike

A fun, lively hike into a wild tropical gardens and rainforest where you’ll see The King’s Waterfall! This is an ancient water tunnel surrounded by dinosaur ferns. Be in awe, as you walk in the footsteps of the king. As we enter we will gift you with a Hawaiian blessing. 

This hike is great for: People with limited stamina, anyone who wants an ‘easier’ hike, families with younger children, seniors with mobility issues.




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10 AM Tour



Chocolate Tour & Waterfall Mini Hike

The first waterfall on the way to Hana

Join our artisan chocolate making workshop 

This exciting hike is perfect for anyone who needs an easier hike, but still wants all the excitement and fun of the main hike! 


10 AM Tour


Under 6 years of age

Chocolate Tour & Waterfall Mini Hike

The first waterfall on the way to Hana

Join our artisan chocolate making workshop 

This exciting hike is perfect for anyone who needs an easier hike, but still wants all the excitement and fun of the main hike! 

2 PM Tour



Chocolate Tour & Waterfall Mini Hike

The first waterfall on the way to Hana

Join our artisan chocolate making workshop 

This exciting hike is perfect for anyone who needs an easier hike, but still wants all the excitement and fun of the main hike! 


2 PM Tour


Under 6 years of age

Chocolate Tour & Waterfall Mini Hike

The first waterfall on the way to Hana

Join our artisan chocolate making workshop 

This exciting hike is perfect for anyone who needs an easier hike, but still wants all the excitement and fun of the main hike! 

What To Expect & What to Wear

The Fine Art Of Chocolate Tasting

A Delicious Private Guided Chocolate Tasting Tour.

Like a good wine, chocolate connoisseurs can detect the slightest aromas, flavors, and textures found in chocolate. Included in your tour is a chocolate tasting portion, where you get to sample unique and signature chocolate treats.

We feature only the finest organic and superfood grade chocolates! Including Hawaiian grown varieties.

You will be amazed at how your favorite dessert goes from the tree to a taste sensation known the world over.

Best Yet You Get to Help Make Your Own Chocolate Treats!

Hawaiian Rainforest Adventure

Approximately a two hour tour where you get to enjoy the fascinating stories & captivating sights and sounds.

The location boast an ancient Hawaiian Rainforest, with trees over 100 feet in height!

An easy to medium rated hike & educational garden tour. Where you get to see the first waterfall on the way to Hana, and a real sacred natural pool.

Best yet it is only 30 minutes from Kahului and the airport. A taste of Hana with out the long drive as it boasts one of the very first waterfalls on the way to Hana!  

Our Learned Guides Make Every Step Of The Way Entertaining!

Whether you are enjoying our captivating waterfall hike or our engaging chocolate & waterfall tour combination, our expert educational naturalist are fun & engaging.

They are known for their wisdom, humor, and knowledge. We look forward to sharing with you and your family in this amazingly beautiful private estate and home to The Kings Gardens.

What to Wear:

Shoes you can hike in that have traction, such as sneakers or hiking sandals.

A light long sleeve shirt, light long pants.

Bug spray & a rain coat are handy items to have with you.

If you don’t have time to get bug spray its ok, as we will provide eco friendly spray for you.

Having these things is best
If you do not have these items it is okay, but it is really best that you do, as It will make your visit more comfortable! Also, in all these waterfall areas of Maui its best to have them.

When you arrive, spray up right when you get to the location. Spray on all areas of your body that are not covered up. If you have mesh pants spray all areas that are mesh. Spray into the palms of your hands in order to then pat your neck, face and ears. Remember to keep the spray away from your eyes. and bring it with you on the hike so you can spray up if needed while hiking.

Safety At The Kings Gardens

This area, being a lush rainforest, wild tropical gardens and forest farm, lends to conditions that at times can be buggy and humid, so be prepare in advance in order to get the full enjoyment while on this fun adventure experience.

Also the sun can be at times little intense depending on what time of year you visit so bring a light hat if you have one. In Hawaii winter will be the wetter months so if you have a rain poncho bring it. Please know your comfort and safety is our first concern.

And you can bet that our hiking & chocolate tour will be there for you Rain or Shine!

Cancelation will only be if mother nature is too intense. Notification will be given on or before the day of your tour.

We may cancel the tour before 8:30 am the morning of the tour with a text message or a email just to make sure we get a hold of you in time. In the event we cancel, you will have the opportunity to reschedule get a credit or make a your tour contribution fees a donation to the charity that oversees the gardens.

This way you get the chance to still be a part of and helping with the restoration and preservation of this amazingly beautiful location.

Directions To The Kings Gardens & FAQ

In order to keep the security and seclusion of this delicate sacred historical Royal location, deemed as one of the four power spots of Maui with very rare and endangered species & sacred Hawaiian artifacts We will only send the driving directions after your booking is made and verified.

Note: It takes at about an 1 hr from Lahaina, Kaanapali, Wailea or Kihei.

The Kings Gardens & forest farm is located in a rustic rural area, and cell reception is a bit weak at times. Therefore be prepared ahead of time and print or write down the driving directions, as we may not be able to get your call, text is always best.

Our Garden Tour Times:

Tours run 7 days a week and are approximately two hours in length, giving you plenty of time to enjoy other attractions in the area!

We do limited each tour to just small groups of people to insure a personalized and engaging experience. Also as this is a highly prized and sacred historical Royal archeological location, keeping the awareness and sensitivity of this holy “Royal” location is our kuleana, in english that means our honored responsibility, Therefore only a limited number of people get to visit the gardens each year.

"More About The Kings Gardens Maui"

Where Only A Few Lucky Souls Get to Visit Each Year! A Highly Prized Maui Original Activity!

An Exciting & Wildly Popular Tour!

Discover the Alluring Atmosphere Where Jurassic Park Meets Fern Gully & A Taste Of Hana With-out the Long Drive all in One! Feel the blessing of the gardens in this magical sacred location.

Featuring an Fun engaging Nature Easy to Medium Hike In a Unique Private “ROYAL” Historical Hawaiian Heritage Estate.

Imagine Hiking through a Beautiful Tropical Rainforest to enjoy seeing all of the amazing cultural history and natural history.

A Secluded Hawaiian Cultural Destination. Where You Get to Learn About The Natural & Cultural History Of This Magical Location.

Enjoy Seeing The Worlds Largest Dinosaur Ferns, An Ancient Water Tunnel, A Beautiful Waterfall with The Kings Sacred Pool & A Waterfall Cave.

Learn About The Epic Ancient Rainforest & Magical Forest Farm. Where you get to Nibble on Some of The Gourmet Forest Botanicals!

You Get travel Back in time & Walk in The Steps of The King, Upon His Ancient Royal Hawaiian foot Paths.


An Exclusive Private Estate. Immerse yourself in a captivating natural wonderland as the magic comes to life while you peer up in to the blue sky between the epic rainforest canopy!

This unparalleled location is perfect for those who want a taste of Hana with out the long drive.

“Awarded As One Of the Sacred Power Spots Of Hawaii”

Know that we are grateful to have those that visit who are excited to be a part of a great vision and purpose.

We are honored & invite you to not only enjoy the sights and sounds of this historical location but to get the chance to have a heart warming experience of knowing you are doing good while having fun on vacation and getting the chance to give your Aloha to Hawaii!

The Kings Gardens Maui is Part Of An Official 501(c)3 Charity that seeks to not only Maintain but put into conservation restoration, & preserve this sacred Royal site.

What Makes Us Stand Out? You get to help Create a Legacy! So Give Generously as Your Act Of Kindness Gifts You With Feeling Great about Doing Good & Being Blessed for Doing So.

It is proven that those who give to a good cause experience a elevation in mood that lasts for Days and enjoy greater life expectancy & health. Attributing to greater physical and emotional well being.

Our Chocolate Tour & Waterfall Hike! A Maui Original!

A Chocolate Lover Dream Come True! The Kings Chocolate Tour & Waterfall Hike: Also featuring the First Waterfall on the Way to Hana!

Why Choose Our Chocolate Tour? Because we Feature The Finest Organic Superfood Chocolates! Yes, Chocolate Is a Superfood! So you can eat your chocolate and have your health too!

Our Lovely Cacao Gardens, (Cacao the Raw Form Of Chocolate) is located just off of the famous Hana Hwy on a beautiful private lush wild tropical botanical gardens estate & forest farm.

You get to enjoy learning about the fascinating history of chocolate and what took place in order to create your favorite dessert. Learn about our young cacao trees and how they produce the aromatic bean that goes from the pod to a deletable tasty chocolate treat known the world over! Hear how it’s grown, harvested, fermented, dried & processed. The Chocolate tasting tour features chocolates Hawaii and other parts of the World.

Best yet you get to have fun and even participate in a hands on process of helping to make an enjoyable chocolate treat!

Like Good Wine You Must Smell It, Savor It, Feel the Aroma, Enjoy The Texture & Experience The Differences In The Chocolate According To The Country It Originated From.

Hear the fascinating story about why the Ancients called chocolate “THE FOOD OF THE GODS”

We Represent The Educational Division Of A Much Larger Cacao Farm. Our Cacao Gardens Is set up to Gift You With A Wonderful Experience Set With-In the Back Of The Natural Rainforest Environment that Most Cacao Grows In. Drop

Testimonials: Happy Visitors Who Have
Enjoyed The Gardens!


A Must Do While On Maui!

We have explored 25 countries. The Kings Gardens & Waterfall Hike was the most captivating and “breath-taking” adventure that we had experienced in our many years of hiking. Our guide was fun & had a great knowledge of this sacred historical location.  The terrain and rare plant life was extraordinary. We will book another hike every year as this is Maui’s most beautiful hidden jewel!  A magnificent back country estate and one of the most sacred power spots of Maui! – Thank you to The Kings Gardens Maui! 

 – Mr. & Mrs M.C. Brown, San Francisco 

Flowers Pink 2a

Captivating, Spellbinding, Have Fun While Doing Good!

Visiting The Kings Gardens Maui & Waterfall Hike was by far the biggest highlights of our trip to Maui!  Our naturalist was a pleasure to be with. This location is off the beaten path, a one of a kind original in the world really the best experience ever!  We loved the seeing the secluded waterfall and remote wilderness, with botanical gardens and  jungle was amazing! A mix of fern gully meets Jurassic park!  We will definitely visit again when we have the opportunity. 

The best part is that all funds go to charity, so we got to have fun while doing good and its a tax write off!

 – Anna & Frank Charles –  Upstate NY 

Cacao all formsa

The Best Activity We did While on Maui!

You know that you have found a jewel of a tour when you find your self scrambling into wearing a rain poncho upon a sudden downpour during the tour, and you still rate it as being excellent! Our guide was wonderful very informative. Their knowledge of this magical Royal Hawaiian estate was truly impressive. The land is beautiful and private as well as pristine. The rainforest was epic and an exciting experience. Wish we had known about the Kings Gardens on all our other trips to Maui, But this will for sure from now on be a yearly pilgrimage for us. We were trilled to know our visit goes to help restore and preserve this beautiful location, as they say, do good while having fun!

— Suzy & Bill, – UK, Europe

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Have Fun While Doing Good! All Profits Go to Charity!

NOTE: Only a Limited Number Of

Of Visitors Get The Chance To Visit Each Year.

Due to the Delicate Archeological Nature Of The Location.

“Best yet you get to see the estate in its raw and

wild condition before it is fully restored”












7 DAYS A WEEK: 2 tours daily:

GARDEN TOUR TIMES 10:00 am & 2:00 pm

(The 2:00 pm tour only takes 4 people or more)




Kind New Friends:

As this is a gift to charity given from the heart, a gift that gives you the chance to give back while on Maui to a good cause, therefore any cancellations for any reason will not apply.

You can choose to reschedule you or get a gift code that you can use for your next visit to Maui.

“We Thank You for Your Generous Contribution & Support”


We work diligently to protect confidentiality, restrict transfer of personal data, incorporate technical safeguards and appropriate security policies, and identify privacy implications in new services. We will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact us.

Office Address: Makawao, Hawaii 96768

*The Kings Gardens Maui, is a Educational Inspirational Destination. The concept is Based On Inspiration that Inspires the soul to Love (Akua) God. With that in Mind we Seek to Present This Concept in a Fun, Entertaining & Inspiring Way thru Our Gardens Church Programs Including Agricultural Chocolate Walks & Gardens Waterfall Hikes. We Feel that a Important part of Our Spiritual progress Rests on Reconnecting to our Aina ( land) & Our Sacred Hawaiian Cultural Heritage Sites, Like that of The Kings Gardens. In this Light We see And Appreciate that this is Gods Gardens. We seek to Put this Holy Location into Perpetual Conservation, Restoration & Preservation Programs for Generations to Come & All in Order to Help Souls Be Inspired To Love Akua. We are a project and a part of a Official 501c3 charity.

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